The Magic Few

From upper left had corner clockwise: Cherden, Dannysmartful, Will, Pepperalki, Nephadia, Delphia, Ardweden, Dameon

This is home of The Magic Few, a series of stories a couple friends and I wrote while (mostly) in high school. Yes, most of it isn't finished. No, we aren't really working on it... though we can be persuaded to. ^_~

At any rate, these are listed in chronological order, not the order in which we wrote them. I'll work on a suggested reading order if enough people want it... otherwise, click at random and enjoy! (Oh, all right. Read Will 1 before Will 2. Duh.)

Any stories that aren't posted will are in italics. Planned stories will are in *. Yes, I know e-mail addresses are put in for all the stories, even if they're not posted. This way, you know who to yell at.

The Creation of Ineckey by Dannysmartful
The Story of Dannysmartful by Dannysmartful
The Story of Ardweden by Ardweden
The Story of Cherden by Cherden
A Story Without a Title (so far) by Dannysmartful and Ardweden-- UNFINISHED
Will 1: Will and the TMF by Dannysmartful, Ardweden, and Cherden
Will 2: Unlocking of the Keys by Dannysmartful and Ardweden-- NOT COMPLETELY TYPED
Will's Halloween Adventure by Ardweden-- UNFINISHED
Will 3: Attack of the Bubble People by Cherden-- UNFINISHED

There are quite a few stories which stand outside the TMF timeline. These are crossovers with anime, movies, or other stories. They are as follows:

After Will 2:

Fighting Beneath a Silver Moon (Sailor Moon) by Ardweden-- UNFINISHED
Sailor Dragon Barf (Sailor Moon) by Ardweden
Vegeta Meets the TMF (Dragon Ball) by Cherden-- UNFINISHED
The TMF Strikes Back (Star Wars) by Ardweden-- UNFINISHED
The Promised Land? (Final Fantasy 7) by Cherden-- UNFINISHED

And, of course, the ever popular (okay, I don't know if anybody reads this) How The Charecters from the Will stories eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup by Ardweden and Dannysmartful

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