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Wheee! Fanfiction! Everyone loves fanfiction! Read, enjoy or not, and contact me about it. Please? Feedback is good for the soul, and a starving soul is bad. Yeah, that's it.

Fighting Beneath a Silver Moon
This is My First Fanfic. This is also unfinished. There's also almost no hope of it being finished because I'm lazy and procrastinate way too much for my own good. Go figure, huh? Maybe, if I get the spark (is that what it's called?) to write this sucker again I'll finish it off, but don't count on it. I had a sequel in mind, way back whenever, and it's still there, so... well, maybe.

Sailor Dragon Barf
Yes, it's as scary as it looks. A one-shot I babbled over the dinner table once... my family was very amused. Goes pretty nicely with Silver Moon, actually. Don't be afraid of reading it! And when your eyes start bleeding, don't blame me!

Slayers Glorious 8: Exit! Bandits and Dancers and Worms, Oh My!
Slayers Glorious 25: Anger! The New Enemy is Where?
Slayers Glorious 31: Gateway! The Mysterious City.
Slayers Glorious 39: Rebirth! The Demon's Last Laugh.
Slayers Glorious is a fanfic hosted over at Improfanfic, home to many, many other good stories. Basically, you sign up for an impro (story), and wait on the queue. When your turn comes up, you have a week to write your part. Slayers Glorious answers the age old Slayers question: just what happened to Naga after she left Lina's side? It's really good; I strongly urge you to check out the rest of it (reading the rest of Glorious will help you understand my chapters, at least ^_^;). And then the rest of Impro. Wai!

A Feather in the Wind Review - Chapter 8
This is a review I wrote for chapter eight of A Feather in the Wind. It's written in script format with characters (The TMF, actually, but what the hey), so it reads something like a story. It would help if you went and read the chapter first, though (hint hint). I preread for it, but was late that time around, so I wrote a review instead.

A Feather in the Wind MST - Chapter 9
And again, Feather in the Wind! Yeah, the mindless groveling continues. It's a MST preread, which means that it's more geared towards making comments to improve the chapter instead of humor (instead of a review, which would probably be more geared towards humor). Although the humor is there. Along with a bunch of personal opinions on the Ranma cast. ^_^; I think the entire chapter's in there... it's not the polished version, though (naturally). Oh yeah, and the Author is me, not Ben. ^_^;

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