*gasp* More Writing!

Wow, you want to read more of my stuff? I'm flattered. ^_^ Okie, here we go!

(What, you expected a long explanatory paragraph? Feh. Here, e-mail me. That's a good internet junkie. ^_~)

A continuation of the Beowulf epic. Wrote it for Brit. Lit. my Senior year in high school.

Bird's Eye View
My teacher was afraid of me writing a story like this because he thought it'd be "too cute".

Pen Pals
A story written entirely in letters. Snail mail, that is.

Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies, Take Two
Ah, now here's something I like to do. Take children's stories (fairy tales, what have you) and twist them into my own image. If you heard this story, good for you. You'll know how horribly mangled it is. If not... well, let's just say I changed it a little. Okay, a lot. ^_^;

Little Red Riding Hood
Look! It's a chat conversation! It's also me twisting yet another story to match my bizarre vision. Or something.

When the Storm Clouds Break
And now for something completely different... a memoir! Written for Creative Nonfiction. You'll probably find a lot of nonfiction stuff on this page after a while, actually... anyway, I'm pretty happy with it. ^_^ If you want a text version, click here.

The Wild Dance
A nature essay, also for Creative Nonfiction. I'm actually happy with it (surprising, since I haven't been happy with much stuff for school recently). Go on, take a look. ^_^

First Tree Conquered
Whoo. The first essay I wrote for Advanced Composition. At the bottom of my revised copy, my teacher wrote, "It's really a little masterpiece." Then it said "B-". Tough grader. I'm fairly proud of this, though.

These last two works were submitted to The Sunburst Project hosted over at Beware the Radish. Basically, there's stimuli there (a word, a sentence, the beginnings of a story), and you get to see where it takes you.

Just what it says. Catharsis. I wasn't feeling okay at the time, no. ^_^;

One Summer Day
In addition to using a SBP stimulus, I turned this in to a literature teacher. The assignment was as follows: Use an experience you had to write a story in which something is learned. The story may be fact, fiction, or any combination thereof, but it must be based on an experience. I'll leave it to you to figure out how much is real and how much isn't. ^_~

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