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Wheee, impro. Everyone loves impro!

Quick definition (for you uncultured people out there): impro is short for 'improvisational fiction'. Basically, people take turns writing/drawing a story. I can't draw, so I don't participate in the second, which is hosted at Impromanga and related sites. I do, however, participate in the pure writing version of impro, which is hosted at Improfanfic and related sites.

Improfanfic calls it "group improvisational writing with an anime style". And that's basically what it is. There's fanfiction, original stuff (but anime based), and some of the indie impro sites deviate from even the anime rule.

The surprising thing about impro, to anyone hardened to group writing, is that it works. And it works really well. You sign up for a story queue when it's open, when your turn comes up you have a set amount of time to write your part (usually a week), you mail it in, and it's the next person's turn. It's not exactly like tossing your parts into an uncaring void, either... there are people that care about each story, and liberal use is made of e-mail, chat, message boards, and sometimes mailing lists.

Improfanfic is where I live. What, you thought it was my page? Bah. ^_~ Anyway, this is what I wrote for it. Two of these are starters, so you don't need to read the previous parts, but for the others... well, reading what came before helps. :P

Anyway, enough of my babbling. ^_^;; Comments are happily recieved at arwen@ardweden.com. Have fun!

Hosted at Improfanfic:

Heart Heart High
Psycho Shoujo. Lots of growing up issues, fun characters, and quirky situations. Wheee! Arguably the most animeish of the non fanfiction impros out there.
Episode 24: Hard Hard Work! Saikyo Gets a Job!
Episode 33: Nasty, Nasty Decisions! What to Choose, What to Choose?
Episode 42: Doki Doki Kokoro! A Night to Remember
Episode 48: Hot Hot Night! Showdown at the School Festival!

Slayers Glorious
Slayers fanfic. The answer to everyone's favorite Slayers question. Just what happened to Naga after she left Lina's side?
Chapter 8: Exit! Bandits and Dancers and Worms, Oh My!
Chapter 25: Anger! The New Enemy is Where?
Chapter 31: Gateway! The Mysterious City.
Chapter 39: Rebirth! The Demon's Last Laugh.

Wings of Fate
Sometimes called the anti Heart Heart High. Five college students discover magic. But what price will they have to pay for power?
Chapter 1: Call of Destiny (I co-wrote this with John Evans. Wai!)
Chapter 9.3: Know She Breaks

The Starburst Crystal
The parody that takes itself a little too seriously. ^_~ Three high school students are called upon to save a world. Comedy, shoujo, drama, and some horrible puns wrapped up into one really fun package.
Legend One: Sweetness of Light
Legend Thirteen: Brittle Shock
Legend Twenty-Nine: Devil's Pocky

A chibi improfanfic, which is basically a bunch of the Improfanfic authors and readers getting together and throwing a party. Self-insertion silliness ensues.
Chapter 41: In Space, No One Can Hear You 'Wai!' (Co-wrote this sucker with Ravi Duvvuri. ^_^)

Hosted at Beware the Radish:

Nightmare Fighter Yumeko
A dark magical girl story. Yumeko's enlisted to be the next Pretty Dream Fighter... but the forces she calls upon are from the, aheh, wrong side of the fence.
Chapter 4: Pain and Water
Chapter 8: Growing

High Stakes
Um... how do I put this? It's like a cross between Pokemon and Magic: the Gathering, and it's also serious, involving, and really fun to read.
Chapter 14: Go Fish

Hosted at mtcff ULTRA:

Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Federation ULTRA (redundant, I know)
Take a bunch of anime and video game characters. Put them in a fighting tournament. Watch what happens. This is based off of WWF, but you don't need to be familiar with it (or even like it) to enjoy the story.
Episode 57: UltraREBOOT 2.0 (Co-written with Ravi and Phoebe!)

And now, omake!

2BN ImproMaster
Filksong done to Pokemon's 2BA Master.

Nightmare Fighter John 4
Okay, this is what happens when you take self insertion just a little too far. ^_^;

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