4/24 - Been busy with school. Slayers Glorious 39 is posted. I tired. Maybe get more of Rini Complex done sometime... no, none of it is up on the site yet. :P Oh, and expect updates to the ChibiRPG section, too.

2/23 - Starburst Crystal 13 posted, along with a bunch of logs and pictures in the ChibiRPG section. Wai. ^_^

2/21 - Wow, has it really been that long? Sorry about that. To make up for it, there's a *lot* of new Impro stuff (as well as a Starburst Crystal part that will be put up tomorrow), a new essay in the Other Writing section, and a whole new section: ChibiRPG, which houses logs, pictures, and such for a roleplaying game I'm co-GMing. I may or may not put updates I do to that section in here, but I'd hope that it's easy enough to reach so you can look for yourself. ^_~

11/19 - Just put up another Impro chapter; this one is Slayers Glorious 31. Oh, and an essay I wrote for school. A nature one: The Wild Dance. Wai. ^_^

11/8 - Whew! Essays essays and more essays. Just a small update: added Heart Heart High 48 to the Impro page. Oh, and I'm working on changing the link colors. Seems my mom finds dark purple on black hard to read for some reason. ^_^;

10/22 - My God, school is eating me alive. @_@ I'm working on a fanfic called The Rini Complex, but don't expect chapter one anytime soon. School, like I said, is eating me alive. ^_^; Also just remembered a pretty old fic I was working on way back whenever... but I dunno if I want to post it. Maybe. Oh yeah! And the actual update: linked my journal to the main page. Go ahead and take a look, if you're of mind to.

9/29 - Okay, three pieces of writing up. First is a memoir called 'When the Storm Clouds Break', and it's over in the Other Writing section (duh). Go take a look. ^_^ The other is 'Beauty', a sonnet I wrote for class about a year ago, but refused to show to anybody... UNTIL NOW. It's not as bad as I remember. Thank goodness... And the last (but not least!) is ImproParty 41, found (where else?) in the Impro section.

9/11 - Ardweden's Happy Page is back online! We'll see if it stays that way or if it crumbles into dust like the last one. ^_^;; Still gotta link my old page to this new one... anyway, for anyone here that actually, y'know, followed my old page (yeah, right :P), there's some stuff you haven't seen before. For anyone completely new... well, there's probably a lot of stuff you haven't seen before (unless I said, "GO HERE!" over a very polite message). And that's it. Oh, yeah, I know there aren't descriptions on the links page. I'll work on that.

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